It's Simple...we are about our Fathers Business...period



You'll find NO comdemination here, we are about the LOVE of Jesus.  ​There are so many denominations today in Christianity.  We oppose none of them, as long as Jesus Christ is the path to GOD. We operate in the True Message of Christ...Love.  We do not want your money and we will not ask.   You serve or give as God directs your heart.  We don't see the soil begging the earth for a seed.  God is the provider of all Good. So, your Talents and Resources are seeds...you determine what you want in return...just as the Farmer who plants a seed.


It's jsut this simple...every thought and every word spoken is a seed...You decide what you want....thorns or fruit...You choose...God has given you Free Will to choose.  How Exciting....He truly does love you! So, share His Love with others.